Hong Kong 2014

Speeches and Presentations

Day 1

 Welcome Address  Mr. LAW Wai Hung, Francis
 Keynote Address  Mr. Rimsky YUEN Kwok-keung, SC, JP
 Topic 1:
 Professor Nadja ALEXANDER
 Civil Justice Reforms  The Emerging Law of International Mediation:
 and Mediation  Opportunities and Risks
 Dean Eduardo DE LOS ANGELES
 Mediation as a Pre-need Condition to Filing Court Cases
 Under the Proposed Code of Civil Procedure
 Professor Ting Kwok IU
 5 years after Civil Justice Reform in Hong Kong –
 where are we now?
 Judge Christine GRICE
 Family Dispute Resolution –
 Developments in the New Zealand Family Justice System:
 a New Era in Dispute Resolution for the Family Court
 Topic 2:
 Mr. Geoff SHARP
 Mediation in Asia –  The Handbrake on Global Mediation
 Challenges and
 Opportunities  Mr. WANG Chengjie
 Enlightenment on Chinese Commercial Mediation Practice –
 Opportunities and Challenges Faced
 by International Mediation Development
 Dr. Raymond LEUNG
 Challenges and Opportunities for Mediation in Asia
 Keynote  Justice FUNG Wah, Barnabas
 Topic 3:
 Professor Bryan CLARK
 Court Roles  Does court help enhance the use of mediation?
 in Mediation
 Dr. Avnita LAKHANI
 Mediation and International Courts:
 Policy Challenges for Improving Access to Justice
 Judge Prachya YUPRASERT
 Court Annex Mediation in Thailand
 Judge JIANG Heping, Michael
 Reform on Court Mediation System in China:
 On the Basis of Court Mediation Model in the Dongguan Court
 Topic 4:
 Mr. David NEWTON
 Legal Perspectives  Adequate Participation in Mediation
 of Mediation Standards
 and Practices  Mr. Anil XAVIER
 Absence of Universal Mediation Procedure & Ethical Norms –
 The Risks Faced by the Mediator
 Judge ONG Chin Rhu
 The Neutral Mediator: a Myth or a Reality?
 The Role of Values in Mediation
 Ms. Serene ONG Si Oui
 Mediation in Malaysia: An Uphill Battle

 Day 2

 Keynote  Professor Laurence BOULLE
 Searching for the Science: Towards an Empirico-Cogni-Neuro
 ɪˌpɪs.tə.məˈlɒdʒ.ɪ (Epistemology) of Mediation
 Topic 1:
 Professor Christopher TO
 Emerging Thoughts  Has mediation reached a crossroads where by it is merging with
 on Mediation Theories  other forms of ADR processes or has it transformed to cater to
 the changing environment?
 Transforming Conflict into Consensus: 9 Keys to Synergy
 Mr. Campbell BRIDGE
 Mining Disputes: Why Resolution by Mediation is the Best Way
 Mediation’s Elusive Goal: Achieving Exponential International Growth
 What factors restrain rapid growth? Why are they still there?
 How can they be overcome?
 Topic 2:
 Cultural and  Mediation – Has It Become a Household Name?
 Social Factors in
 Mediation Practice  Ms. Virginia GOLDBLATT
 Clash of Cultures: Legal versus Social Approaches to Conflict and
 the Role of Mediation in Education Disputes in New Zealand
 Mr. Raymond LEE
 The Importance of Being Enak : Adapting the Facilitative Model
 to Accommodate Indonesian Cultural Dynamics
 Professor Joel LEE
 Hierarchy, Collectivism, Communication and Face
 Topic 3:
 Cultural Factors in  The impact of culture on disputes between Chinese family
 Family Mediation  members over estates, trusts, and businesses
 Professor Donald C. PETERS
 Neuroscience Justifications for Collaborative Mediation Advocacy
 Ms. Amarantha YIP Yun-wan
 Cultural and Social Change in Hong Kong – Challenges to the
 Practice of Family Mediation
 Topic 4:
 Mr. LOONG Seng Onn
 Best Practices  Making Mediation Meaningful: Matching Mediators
 / Case Sharing
 Ms. Michele S. RILEY
 Coaching in Caucus: Expanding the Role of the Mediator
 Justice Adolfo S. AZCUNA
 Mobile Court-Annexed Mediation in the Philippines
 Dr. LIU Xiaochun
 The New Development of Mediation in China – From the
 Perspective of SCIA’s innovation
 Closing Address  Ms. Sylvia SIU, JP