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The Asian Mediation Association (AMA) is a regional membership body comprising 14 mediation centers. Following successful AMA conferences in Singapore 2009, Kuala Lumpur 2011, Hong Kong 2014 and Beijing 2016, the 5th AMA Conference will add significant value to the promotion and understanding of mediation in Asia.

Modern mediation began sometime in the 70s in the US. Since 2000, it has spread rapidly through Asia. Each year brings more and more applications of mediation in commerce, in communities and even across national boundaries.

In Indonesia, the Supreme Court has promoted the use of mediation since 2003 and recently issued its third revision of the regulations covering court-annexed mediation for the purpose of widening and improving access to justice. More and more government sectors and agencies are introducing mediation as part of their dispute resolution processes. But, PMN’s own experience suggests that the public and potential users remain largely unaware of mediation and its benefits.

The aims of the 5th AMA Conference are:

  • Boost awareness of mediation and its uses;
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of the latest ideas and developments in mediation;
  • Promote lessons learned, particularly in adapting mediation practice in Asia.

The conference will provide valuable networking opportunities for representatives of mediation organizations, mediation practitioners, would-be mediators, users, arbitrators, dispute resolution experts, academics, and other members of the dispute resolution community.

“Can Mediation Survive in a world of Trumpian Negotiators?

Thought Provoking – New Thinking”

The essence of mediation is to assist parties to a conflict to understand their true interests and find common ground through a process facilitated by a neutral, a mediator. The aim is to achieve a lasting settlement that will better serve the parties’ interests. It requires a willingness to give and take and openness by the parties. In essence, mediation employs a collaborative approach to dispute resolution in contrast to the traditional win-lose paradigm where only the strong prevail.

Trumpian negotiators, to achieve their goals, employ a range of tactics that are the antithesis of collaboration. They include bullying, denigrating, intimidation, threats, insults, reneging, going back on previous agreements, and mendacity.

Faced with a Trumpian negotiator, are the only options to a) go head to head in a brutal confrontation, b) to give in to the Trumpian’s demands? Is there a better way? This conference will look for ways for negotiators and mediators to deal with the hard-ball tactics employed by Trumpian negotiators.

Brochure of the 5th AMA Conference

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